What is GSM?         


Global system for mobile communication (GSM) is a wide area wireless communications system that uses digital radio transmission to provide voice, data, and multimedia communication services. A GSM system coordinates the communication between a mobile telephones (mobile stations), base stations (cell sites), and switching systems. Each GSM radio channel is 200 kHz wide channels that are further divided into frames that hold 8 time slots. GSM was originally named Groupe Special Mobile. The GSM system includes mobile telephones (mobile stations), radio towers (base stations), and interconnecting switching systems. 


The GSM system includes mobile communication devices that communicate through base stations (BS) and a mobile switching center (MSC) to connect to other mobile telephones, public telephones, or to the Internet. MSC connects to databases of customers. This example shows that the GSM system mobile devices can include mobile telephones or data communication devices such as laptop computers.


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